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Parabolic Oven

Solar Oven for larger group: Parabolic Oven

Description: One popular type of solar oven is the parabolic solar oven, used over others for many reasons. There are several large parabolic ovens on the market for large groups, but they are quite expensive.

Why: Since the parabolic solar oven doesn't use wood or other fuel, it's quicker to start cooking and requires little time to set up - whereas with a campfire, you've got to spend time hunting for firewood, as well as lighting the fire and waiting for it to get hot. However, the ovens tend to take longer to cook. Much like a crockpot,parabolic solar oven collects the sun's rays by using a reflective surface in a parabola, or curved shape. There are many different styles of parabolic solar ovens available, and there are instructions available to create most of them. The parabolic style allows for food to cook at much the same rate as a conventional oven, making it more convenient than other outdoor cooking methods such as campfires. One easy way to start building your own parabolic solar oven is by using a ready-made satellite dish (of course, use one that someone has discarded). Its shape is perfect for creating the oven, and all you need to do is coat the inside with a reflective substance, such as a mirror finish reflective aluminum sheet. Other people prefer to start their parabolic solar oven with more of a bowl shape, as they believe this allows food inside to cook better and helps to shelter the food from the wind.

Implementation Effort: Simple

Maximum Cost: $17,000 USD

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