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Child and Family Wellness Shops

The HealthStore model is a network of micro pharmacies and clinics whose mission is to provide access to essential medicines to marginalized populations in the developing world. Based on a unique collaboration of micro-finance and franchise models to keep costs down and provide consistent quality healthcare while providing income for a professional healthcare worker. The HealthStore outlets target the most common killer diseases including malaria, respiratory infections, and dysentery among others. This proven model also provides health education and prevention services.

Despite the stunning advances in medicine during the last half century, over 25,000 children die each day for want of medicine that costs less than a cup of coffee. This model enables the healthcare workers to franchise their own clinic, providing economic stimulus and quality controlled health care. A group of clinics shares the cost of supplies and is overseen to ensure consistent quality. This program is as ingenious as it is effective.

Availability Limits: Currently operating in Kenya. Hoping to expand in the future, applying model worldwide.

Implementation Effort: Advanced

Maximum Cost: $5,000 USD

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