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Shallow Well Rope Pump


Description: Complete plans for creating a shallow well rope pump. Training documents on this web site, this one is based upon the principle that communities can best be strengthened (empowered) by doing things for themselves rather than waiting for outside charity. The technical or engineering aspects are meant to be used as an illustration of that principle. Link includes details, illustrations and pros and cons.

Why: The rope pump, now popular in Central America, has several advantages and drawbacks. The discussion here is focused on how these can illustrate the empowerment approach for low income communities. While it is aimed at the community mobilizer, engineers and technicians may find it amusing. The rope pump is quite simple and effective. All the components of the rope pump are usually available in any medium sized town: rope, used inner tubes, used bicycle frame and wheel, and plastic pipe. None is very expensive. Solution by Phil Bartle PhD

Availability Limits: Hand pump technology was developed for single family use

Implementation Effort: Simple

Maximum Cost: $100

Audience: Individuals

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