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Pee Poople Sanitary Disposal System


Description: The Peepoo is a personal single use toilet, that sanitizes human excreta shortly after defecation, preventing the faeces from contaminating the immediate and larger environment. The toilet is a high technology product for a low economy. As with the original Tetra-Pak, it uses a minimum of material while providing maximum hygiene. Recognizing consumer needs, the Peepoo is formulated from a bottom up perspective putting the user’s need first. Ergonomically designed to be easy and hygienic to use, simple and rational to produce, and thus possible to be sold to groups with the weakest purchasing power, the Peepoo offers a sanitation choice for both individuals and society at large.

Why: The Peepoo eliminates fixed and hard infrastructure for a soft approach to sanitation and excreta management. The soft approach allows different service systems to establish themselves. After use, the Peepoo provides value as fertilizer which enables collection and disposal systems to arise, informally or formally, private or public, small scale or large scale. They can evolve over time, slowly or quickly, according to contextual circumstances. The design of the bag offers a clean and hygienic way of excreta management, helping to cut the stigma normally connected with this service. The Peepoo thus has the capacity to work as a development strategy on different levels.

Independently sustainable. Due to its self-sanitizing function, the Peepoo, even if no collection or disposal services are available or yet developed, does not contaminate the environment. The traditional link between water and sanitation is cut. As a single unit, the Peepoo is independently sustainable. Every user contributes to society. The Peepoo offers a sanitation solution adapted to the needs of the user without endangering the environment

Implementation Effort: Simple

Audience: Communities, Individuals

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