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Chicken Tractor

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Description: A chicken tractor is a movable floor-less chicken coop for the purposes of pest control, lawn care, fertilization, and sheltering the chickens. When compared to traditional chicken coops the chicken tractor is far superior in many ways. The chicken tractor is a large step towards sustainable farming, and solves many of the problems that are presented by traditional coops and buildings used to house chickens. A chicken tractor is a bottomless, portable shelter-pen that fits over your garden beds. The chickens peck and scratch the soil, eat pest bugs and weed seeds, and fertilize the beds with their manure. Best of all, they provide eggs and meat.

Why: Helps in raising chickens on limited land with the added benefit of automatically spreading nutrients to soil. If made to fit into rows of crops, can weed and fertilize if moved along.

Typical Chicken Tractor

Availability Limits: None. Uses a variety of simple, easily available materials.

Resources: Book: Chicken Tractor: The Permaculture Guide

Implementation Effort: Simple

Maximum Cost: $50 USD

Audience: Communities, Individuals

Climate Type: Cold, Dry/Arid, Temperate, Tropical

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