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E-Stewards - Reducing High-Tech Toxic Export


Description: This site provides contacts for vendors providing appropriate high-tech recycling. Using appropriate recycling of high-tech disposal is the only way to avoid exporting escalating global trade in toxic, obsolete, discarded computers and other e-scrap collected in North America and Europe and sent to developing countries by waste brokers and so-called recyclers.

Why: The e-Stewards are North America's most Responsible Recyclers. They have been qualified by our staff as recyclers that uphold the Electronics Recycler's Pledge of True Stewardship -- the World's Most Rigorous Environmental and Social Justice Criteria for Recycling e-Waste. Documentaries are available on their website. Photo from E-steward certified recyclers are listed on the second url provided below. Website contains documentaries of the issues of high-tech disposal and the need for proper recycling.

Implementation Effort: Simple

Audience: Communites, Individuals, Education, Industries

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