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Playground Projects - Go Play

Go Play Project in Action

Description Go play builds playgrounds where there are none. And they work with others to do the same. Ideas, photos and plans on their website.
Editor's Comments ***** Open source designs. Supportive organization. Repurposing materials! Bravo!
Primarily For Children
Other Purposes Children, Orphans, Recycling
Climate N/A
Emphasis Communities, Education, Individuals
Effort to Implement Moderate
Maximum Cost $ 3000
Why Play is an essential and integral part of all children’s healthy growth, development, and learning. Play is the tool children use to experiment with, and master how, the world works. Classroom learning is important, but play is learning put into practice. Play is fundamental to a child’s overall development and wellbeing. We believe that all children have the right to play and that all children deserve safe and fun places to do so.
Availability Limits None
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